I'm samu rissanen, a young finnish graphic designer with passion for bold branding and strong visuals. 

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Vuoreksen stara


Client: Bo LKV Tampere
Project: Brochure [2019]


Modern and minimal 20-paged brochure about new upcoming housing in Vuores for real estate agency Bo LKV Tampere.

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Client: Balkonser / Suomen Parvekehuolto Oy
Project: Logo Design [2018]


When planning on moving their business also to Sweden Suomen Parvekehuolto Oy was in need of a new modern and scandinavian brand identity.

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Client: Värisilmä Showroom Ratina

Project: Digital advertising [2018]


Digital advertising materials (Google, Facebook and Instagram) and colorful leaflets to handout in the shopping mall Ratina, Tampere.

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Client: Fennosteel
Project: Brochure [2016]


A brochure about catalysators and diesel particulate filters (DPFs). How they're important parts in keeping your car working and decreasing the pollution of cars.

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ByNiemi - Kotio


Client: ByNiemi

Project: Product catalogue [2015]


Furniture developer ByNiemi needed product catalogue for their products that are designed for the elderly and disabled to make living at home much easier.

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Client: Tempo Law
Project: Graphic Design [2018]


A brochure and a rollup for convention in a very short notice. Project lasted only two and half days but the customer could not have been happier with the results.

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Client: Luxporras / TT Terästuote Oy
Project: Branding [2017]


Finnish made custom staircases with a hint of luxury. This is Luxporras and their brand identity.

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Client: Paperika Oy
Project: Paperbag designs [2015]


Three designs created for Paperika. These paper bags have been sold to bakeries around Finland and the Christmas Bag has been printed in three colors.

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Client: Lamminsivu Oy
Project: Brochure and advertising [2018]


Lamminsivu was the first company in Finland to own Liebherr MK88 mobile crane. We designed a brochure and some advertising about their new machinery.

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Client: Kiinteistöpalvelu Siiki Oy
Project: Web Design (suggestion) [2017]


Suggestion of a simple and modern website for Kiinteistöpalvelu Siiki Oy.

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Client: Ihosairaala

Project: Branding (suggestion) [2017]


Suggested modern look and logo design for Ihosairaala. Ihosairaala is a hospital in Helsinki which is specialized in treating different skin diseases and plastic surgery.

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Paha-nuutti 2.0


Client: Paha-Nuutti

Project: Album artwork (suggestion) [2015]


Album artwork done for finnish rap artist Paha-Nuutti. The project included LP cover, CD digipak, labels and a banner for artist's facebook page.